We analyze your current situation

  • What degrees do you have in your pocket?
  • What professional experience have you gained so far?
  • What are your strengths? Where do you have deficits?
  • What do you want for your professional future?


We look at the labor market

  • What industries and companies would fit your qualifications and desires?
  • Which industries and companies are increasingly looking for personnel?
  • Where are the most opportunities for you?
  • What special features do you have to consider?


We develop YOUR career roadmap

  • What job will you start your professional journey with?
  • What other steps do you need to take in the future to get to your dream job?
  • Do you lack qualifications and how can you get them?
  • Is an internship necessary?


Final spurt: we help you with your application

  • We search together for suitable vacancies
  • We accompany you to job fairs and create your profile on digital platforms
  • We create really good application documents with you
  • We prepare you for your job interview – including language training
  • We accompany you until the signing of the employment contract!